Public Consultative Meeting (PUBCON) for the Development of Philippine National Standards (PNS): Code of Good Animal Husbandry Practices (GAHP) for Dairy Cattle and Water Buffalo, Beef Cattle and Buffalo, Goat and Sheep in the following Regions (IV-A, VII and X) had been conducted successfully by the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards in cooperation with the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and Department of Agriculture Regional Field Offices.

The consultation were attended by the various stakeholders, Members of Academe and Government agencies. The objective of this standards is to ensure that the final products are safe and fit for human consumption, while ensuring health, safety and comfort for farm workers as well as for animals without degradation to the environment.

All solicited comments and suggestions during the public consultations were properly recorded and consolidated to be discussed during the final TWG meeting. The final draft of the PNS will be endorsed to DA Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol for approval.

The created PNS will use by the Bureau of Animal Industry as the basis for the implementation of GAHP Certification Program for commercial and backyard farming of animals for food use.



1st Public Consultative Meeting: Ciudad Christia 9 Waves Resort, San Mateo, Rizal. August 15-16,


2nd Public Consultative Meeting: Golden Prince Hotel, Cebu City. September 13-14, 2016.


3rd Public Consultative Meeting: Chali Beach Resort, Cagayan de Oro City. November 15-16, 2016.