METRO MANILA – The Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards has recently conducted the 2017 BAFS Focal Persons Midyear Seminar-Orientation. BAFS Regional Focal Persons (RFPs) serve as the focal point for BAFS activities at the regional level. With the assistance from the BAFS RFP, the Bureau has been successfully conducting public consultations, focus group discussions, farm inspections, workshops and other related activities. Considering the institutional restructuring made at the national and regional level in 2016, BAFS requested for the reaffirmation of the composition of BAFS RFPs. Special Order No. 1063 Series of 2017 provides the designation of BAFS RFPs.


The seminar-orientation was held last 24-26 May 2017, which aimed to introduce to the Regions, through the BAFS RFPs, the new projects and programs of BAFS in support of the enactment of various laws and regulations, and ensure that activities addresses the needs of the stakeholders. Likewise, this intends to clearly define the roles and functions of BAFS RFPs and the mechanisms for effective implementation of activities.

Among other things, BAFS presented the core functions of each division and responded to queries and concerns of the BAFS RFPs during the discussions. BAFS RFPs raised the challenges that may be encountered and their needs in performing their functions. As agreed during the discussions, BAFS will try to address and seek possible solutions for these matters.