Training of APTC Personnel on Safe Food Handling and on Grading and Classification is a collaborative project of ATI- HVCDP – AMAS – BAFS. This training aims to enhance understanding of APTC personnel on the relationship of food handling with food safety, and increase their capacity in carrying out their assigned tasks. It also intends to increase the capability of APTC personnel and selected members of farmer-groups in grading and classifying fruits and vegetables according to the provisions of the adopted Philippine National Standards (PNS).

This training was launched last 2015 in BAPTC (November) and in NVAT (December).  For 2016, the identified sites were: Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (NE-APTC) on 25-27 April, Dalaguete, Cebu (DAPTC) on 21-13 June, Camarines Norte (CN-APTC) on 27-30 June, Vinzons, Isabela on 19-21 July, Puerto Princesa, Palawan on 2-4 August, and Sariaya, Quezon (Sentro) on 10-12 August 2016.

The Training followed the module discussed during the previous trainings of APTC personnel with some modifications to enhance the training module. The activity consisted of a two-day lecture on the current challenges in Food Safety and the Philippine National Standard (PNS) Code of Hygienic Practice for Fresh Agriculture and Fishery Products in Markets and Authorized Outlets (PNS/BAFS 46:2006); and a one-day lecture and hands-on segment on grading and classification of the priority commodities of the site.  The sessions involve group works to discuss the actual trading post operations, actual demonstrations and workshops.  A field visit to the trading posts to observe the current practices and an action plan to incorporate their learning into their day-to-day operations was likewise conducted.


Class picture of the trainings in Quezon, Isabela and Palawan.